Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thesis Update

This week I spent more time on researching the impact of IT upon industry, as viewed from the production function f(x) = y(ICT, non-ICT), Note: f(x) is a productivity function which is determined by y, with variables both ICT and non-ICT related.

Have read most papers by Bryjolfsson, and have researched into his sources to gain a deeper understanding of the subject area, by viewing his bibliography and extending upon my research from that point. I am now also making arrangements to visit UNSW's library. I have scheduled my trip to Maquarie University for today, and will be looking at the following books:

1. Beyond the IT productivity paradox / edited by Leslie P. Willcocks and Stephanie Lester

2.Information technology and the productivity paradox : assessing the value of the investment in IT / Henry C. Lucas, Jr

3. The trouble with computers : usefulness, usability, and productivity / Thomas K. Landauer

Furthermore, have researched into clustering, in particular, fuzzy clustering, as well as started doing tutorials upon R, available from, to gain knowledge of R in order to gain the required skills to perform both fuzzy clustering and switching regression using R upon industry data sets.

In my research with ABS, I have also located Australian National Accounts: Information and Communication Technology Satellite Account (from, which includes reports on investment in ICT products, and investment in hardware and software, sorted by industry.

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