Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thesis Project - Update

This week, I travelled to the University of New South Wales to review their offline material. Located 3 relevant sources, which will be listed later. Furthermore, I have read the newest paper by Parham (2001), in order to execute the data collection part of this treatise.

Furthermore, I am currently implementing regression in "R" to get an idea of how to perform switching regression in the modelling part of this treatise.

This week, I will be attempting data collection via ABS, as well as coming up with an approach on how to tackle this problem. An idea I have right now would be to concentrate on Bezdek's paper on Switching Regression and Fuzzy Clustering dated 1993, which would allow me to develop an understanding of switching regression in relation to Fuzzy C-Regression. An alternative, which may be easier to perform (but which is considered an alternative, as Fuzzy C-Regression may yield more detailed results), would be that of utlilising Fuzzy C-Means in relation to Switching Regression, as Dr Poon has performed this before, and thus I would be able to draw on his experience if I were to implement fuzzy clustering using the Fuzzy C-Means method.

As an aside, I have created the project plan, which comprises of a table listing the times and requirements, as well as a list of sources (which is not complete, as I may locate sources later on which I have not been able to locate thus far).

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