Tuesday, July 10, 2007


In the past two weeks, I have met with Dr Simon Poon twice to discuss the progress of my research into the topic area. We have set a schedule for the work, which is as follows:

By August 1st, w should have a clear idea of what we're doing, as well as be up to date on relevant literature

By September 1st, we should have finished all modelling (which in my case involves the application of fuzzy clustering, as well as switching regression, to a data set in order to generate results, and infer findings from these results).

By October 1st, we should have finished analysis of the modelling results.

We would also be using October to finish writing up the final copy of the thesis.

Additionally, I have conducted research via the library's online databases, based on preliminary articles provided by Dr Poon. Furthermore, I have gone to the Fisher, and Badham libraries, to conduct research into this area. I am planning on going to more libraries to conduct further offline research into the areas of clustering, and regression, in the coming week.

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