Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thesis Update

The fuzzy clustering has been completed, with results showing that there has been consistently 4 clusters from 1990 - 2006. This is in line with Dr Poons findings in 2002, and thus, validates the results obtained by Dr Poon in 2002.

Additionally, the switching regression part of the analysis is near completion, with results obtained for switching between Cycle 1 (1990-95), Cycle 2 (1996-2000), and Cycle 3 (2001-2006). However, a problem was encountered for the switching regression between cycle2 and cycle3, with a null value produced after the 15th iteration of the switching regression function.

Using another method, I have also performed linear regressions on all three cycles, and performed the Goldfeld-Quandt test, as well as compared the coefficient of IT in each cycle, in order to determine the effect of IT upon VA as a measure of impact on industry. I have attempted to add fixed effects of industry into the model, but so far, the model rejects fixed effects, which I shall attempt to repair before concluding.

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